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Small things you may find helpful.

Separate your egg whites first

If you are using whole eggs along with egg whites then start separating your whites first. This way you get more chances in case you let one slip!

Carry a water bottle

This is a great way to help ensure you're taking in enough water each day, particularly if you tend to forgot about drinking till your mouth and lips feel dry as a desert. Physically carrying your bottle acts as a constant reminder to drink more & makes it easy to do so.

Start the day with something difficult

When you wake up for the day, make one of the first things you do something hard. It doesn't have to be long or grueling, just something worthwhile. That might be making your bed, a cold shower, a morning run or some form of exercise.

Once that is done you have already won the day. Every task and challenge that follows seems that bit easier.

Use 2FA properly

2 Factor Authentication (2FA) is the process of requiring two forms of authentication to access something. Commonly, a password & a one-time code. I recommend enabling this wherever you can but if not, at least your most guarded accounts e.g. emails.

This adds a bit of work each time you need to log in but makes the likelihood of unauthorised access go way down. These don't even have any additional charge so are almost a no brainer.

I wouldn't recommend however using the 2FA implementation built into your password manager. Whilst this sound convenient, it only really removes the barriers to attackers if in some horrible case they do manage to access your password manager. I recommend Authy.

Get a password manager

A unique password for each login is vital to good security. Not to mention having randomised, lengthy passwords for every service making unauthorised access that much more unlikely.

One that I hadn't even really considered prior is the mental capacity of remembering various passwords and the time spent in forgotten password flows. There's some initial effort involved in getting started but the payoff is huge and well worth the money.

I personally have always used 1Password and have no complaints. Switching between managers is fairly straightforward these days if you decide to.